Northern Correspondent

When we’re not leading the team of student reporters, the people behind JesmondLocal –  a small group of journalists and story-tellers, writers, photographers, illustrators, film-makers and broadcasters – are passionate about telling stories of the people and places of the north east.

We tell those stories in whichever medium is best for telling each story and we’ve begun this journey with a printed magazine, Northern Correspondent.

In Northern Correspondent #1, we meet the BAFTA-nominated filmmaker whose internationally-acclaimed movie explores the immigrant experience in the north east and discover the coastal town which refuses to lie down despite repeated economic blows. We ask where all the joyriders have gone, investigate cruelty within pigeon racing and look back at 10 issues of Novel, the magazine founded by Kerry Kitchin and the late Lee Halpin.

Plus: micro fiction from Tony Williams, poetry from Carolyn Jess-Cooke, photography by James Sebright, Steve Conlan and Nelly Stavropoulou, illustrations by Josie Brookes, Darryl Ibbetson and Peter Barlow, and interviews with Ben Folds, Jennifer Gardy, Jasper Hoiby, Martin Wainwright, Helen Pidd, Danny Savage and Jonathan Brown.

You can order your copy of Northern Correspondent here:

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