Central High fashion slideshow

Central High’s senior students had a chance to demonstrate their eye, and skills for fashion in last week’s catwalk show.

The girls’ hand-crafted designs were showcased against an impressive and professional backdrop of lighting, music and effects. The fashion show was a triumphant end and reward for their hard graft since September, and all executed with stylish choreography, mile-high heels, flamboyant make-up and carefully contrasted hair, courtesy of Saks.

The work of the Year 12 students was inspired by urban architecture, and was developed from the girls’ own photographs of Newcastle. The sweeping skirts and funky shapes were created and modelled by Ellie Gibson, Stevie Loraine, Nikki Parkinson, Lauren Reece, Frankee To and Evie Turley, taken down the catwalk to the sound of “Le Disco” by Shiny Toy Guns.

The Year 13 students chose their own themes, music and choreography for their collections. Highlights included the “Retro” theme, designed by Alex Boakes and “Structure” by Alex Forster. Also notable was the “Boudoir” collection by Lauren Homes, who revealed her inspiration was burlesque and declared her ambition to make an outfit worthy of Marie Antoinette in modern times.

The whole performance was slick and an excellent means of showcasing the students’ work. Roll on next year’s show.