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JesmondLocal is a completely volunteer-run, not-for-profit “hyperlocal” news service that aims to serve the people who live and work in Jesmond.

On a really, really good day, we can have more than 1,000 people visiting our website (our record is 6,000) – but most days, on average, around 300 people take a look at what’s on our pages.

And we have almost 5,000 followers on Twitter and another 1000 on Facebook.

Some quick advice on how to use JesmondLocal most effectively to promote your news, events, products or services to the good people who live or work in Jesmond:

First, the free stuff:

  • News story – if you have some genuinely interesting, exciting or important news that’s relevant to the people of Jesmond, email us ( a couple of paragraphs and one of our volunteer reporters will get back to you with a view to writing, photographing, filming or audio-recording a report. Please try to include as much detail as possible… and a (good) photograph or two is usually a help. No promises, mind – we reserve the right to decide what we will publish on our pages.
  • Facebook – become our friend on Facebook and post your news as a comment on our wall.
  • Twitter – follow us on Twitter and give us a nudge to retweet your important news.

Now the stuff you can buy – for maximum impact! (We didn’t start JesmondLocal to make a profit – but we would like to, at least, get close to covering our costs of website hosting, public liability and professional indemnity insurances, auditor’s fees etc).

  • We offer a range of advertising spaces on our website, from text advertising, to different sizes of image advertising and in a variety of different locations. If you’d like to know more about this, please email us at
  • Sponsorship – we can offer sponsorship opportunities including the ever-popular annual hustings events during the May local elections. If you’d like more details, again drop us an email –
  • Your big idea – if you have an idea of other ways in which JesmondLocal could help you reach your audience, we’re all ears. Just drop us an email at

Thanks for getting involved – we look forward to working with you.

One thought on “How to use us”

  1. John North says:

    I was knocked over by a bicycle today while out jogging on Osborne Road. I was literally sent sprawling backwards onto the pavement with my glasses flying through the air. I had run around a corner and straight into a bike that was not only on the pavement but travelling pretty fast. The cyclist, an adult, came off his bike. Fortunately neither of us was injured, though a child or elderly pedestrian would have been far more vulnerable.

    Firstly the guy should not have been on the pavement, something which I pointed out forcefully at the time. Secondly it is not at all unusual to see cyclists, including adults, using the pavements down Osborne Road but I have never seen any enforcement action being taken. Thirdly it’s high time there was a proper cycle lane through Jesmond, either along Osborne Road itself or using some alternative route.

    Next time it could be far more serious.

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