About us


What is JESMONDLOCALNE2? JesmondLocal is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, ‘hyperlocal’ news service for the people who live and work in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. If you want to know the latest news in Jesmond, as well as where to eat, where to drink, where to shop and where to do business in Jesmond… we hope you’ll find it at jesmondlocal.com, twitter.com/jesmondlocal and facebook.com/jesmondlocal.

Who reads JESMONDLOCALNE2? JesmondLocal is a service that anyone in Jesmond with a PC and internet connection at home or mobile phone, iPhone, BlackBerry or Android smartphone – that’s around 10,000 people  – will want to check regularly. Using digital and social media, it gives them news, features, opinion, guides, reviews and helpful information about the Jesmond area. But there’s more! A strong community spirit already exists in Jesmond: JesmondLocal seeks to strengthen that community by connecting local people, groups and societies with each other.

What is ‘hyperlocal’? The very local news, events and goings-on in the street where you live or work. Hyperlocal news services such as JesmondLocal recognise that most people care deeply about what is happening in their specific part of town. At the same time, JesmondLocal recognises that local businesses are looking for innovative and more effective ways of reaching these local readers.

What makes JESMONDLOCALNE2 different? While most hyperlocal services are run by enthusiastic amateurs, JesmondLocal is edited by Ian Wylie, a professional journalist with more than 20 years’ experience in national newspapers and magazines, supported by journalism students from Newcastle University and local “citizen reporters” from the Jesmond community.

Why should businesses do business with JESMONDLOCALNE2? JesmondLocal is a unique opportunity for businesses to target specifically the Jesmond population with a range of measurable, multimedia advertising methods, from conventional online banner ads and advertorials to slideshows and videos that showcase their company, products, services and staff.