Cutting Jesmond’s carbon footprint

A local environment group hopes to spark a green revolution in Jesmond with a film that shows other communities exploring different ways of cutting their carbon footprint.
The Transition Jesmond group is presenting the film Transition Culture this Wednesday (22nd September) at 7.30pm at the Royal British Legion on West Jesmond Avenue. The film features groups of people around the UK reducing their dependency on fossil fuels. “Being more independent as a community creates a great sense of achievement, as well as friendship,” says Transition Jesmond’s Steve Emsley. “The film centres on examples of communities and individuals who are moving far faster than our government to reduce carbon emissions. Many of them are also saving a lot of money on their gas, electric, food and transport bills in the process.
The film also shows examples of good insulation, energy reduction measures, the use of local materials for
building projects and communities uniting to devise local transport systems or grow food locally and communally.
“The film has a clear explanation about climate change, and our dependency on oil and gas which is causing many of the climate change problems around the world,” says Emsley. “Local actions need to add up, because without us taking new opportunities, the government will not achieve much. Working together with others
is what is needed to tackle climate change, and rebuild a wider sense of community.”
For more information about the film or other activities of the local Transition group in Jesmond, email

2 thoughts on “Cutting Jesmond’s carbon footprint”

  1. Tony Waterston says:

    Thanks for publicising this film, it was really strong with plenty of examples of what other communities are doing.
    Can Jesmond residents be part of the future? We in Transition jesmond think we can. The place to start is here – by curbing our energy use, growing our own food and using local sources, by cutting waste and using our feet and the bike to get around. What could be easier in Jesmond?

    AND two ideas you will hear more about:
    We’re planning, with the Royal British Legion, to start a monthly farmers’ market in the RBL car park. This will allow us to buy local, support local farmers, and have a great time all at once.

    And…the great Plastic Bag campaign will be starting in November – with the aim of making Acorn Rd plastic bag free (that means no free, give away plastic bags which are so damaging to the environment and are made from rare fossil fuel)

    Comments and support please to


  2. Tony Waterston says:

    The campaign to free Acorn Rd of plastic bags in warming up! There will be a planning meeting in the Newcastle cricket club in Osborne Avenue at 6.30 on Tuesday 5th Oct. We’ll be looking at timing, surveys, publicity, and a logo for the campaign. Anyone who want to move Jesmond towards being lower carbon and less wasteful, is very welcome to come along –

    Tony Waterston

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