Comment: Why are letting agents being offensive?

Whatever happened to the voluntary code on letting boards in Jesmond?  We were told a year ago that the letting agents had signed up to follow a set of rules, but lo and behold they’re worse than ever – multiple signs on a single building, boards attached to garden fences, streets full of signs for properties that aren’t vacant until next summer.  Have we just been fobbed off?

Students and residents alike are sick of their streets being plastered with advertising. The agents are just rivalling each other in how gaudy and numerous their displays are – some are even offensive.

Let’s press for proper planning controls.

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5 thoughts on “Comment: Why are letting agents being offensive?”

  1. Amy Gilfellon says:

    I agree…hopefully there will be some beautiful Christmas displays to make up for the excessive advertising though!

  2. Helen Fairmaner says:

    I also agree, the boards are just litter: they’re often knocked over, broken and just left up even when the place is sold/let. I haven’t seen any reduction in this.

  3. Donna Rawling says:

    Fiona, you are absolutely right. I think that this is the biggest problem in Jesmond at the moment. Some streets have a ‘to let’ board outside almost every property. Something needs to be done about this.

  4. Fiona Clarke says:

    I raised the issue again at the Ward Committee Meeting, but it doesn’t sound as if there is likely to be any action from the council in the near future.

  5. Graham says:

    I live in Heaton and we have the exact same problem. I was talking to my local councillor just last week and seemingly they are planning to implement local bylaws soon. Fingers crossed

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