Who is your Jesmond ‘local hero’?

Who gets your vote as Jesmond's "local hero"?

Who is the person that sums up Jesmond for you? Who are the people that encapsulate what Jesmond is, or should be all about? Who are Jesmond’s “local heroes” – without whom it would be a much less interesting, vibrant and enjoyable place to live and work?

We want to hear your nominations – and once they’re all in, a team of JesmondLocal writers, photographers and film-makers will be despatched to meet and interview them so that we can celebrate their contributions in a multimedia gallery of Jesmond’s “local heroes”.

Nominate your Jesmond “local hero” by adding a comment below or email editor@jesmondlocal.com with your suggestions.

12 thoughts on “Who is your Jesmond ‘local hero’?”

  1. Aslak says:

    Jemond hero or Jemsmond hero? Make your mind up!

  2. Ian Wylie says:

    Good spot. Thanks. So, Aslak, who are you going to nominate as your Jesmond local hero?

  3. Aslak says:

    How about Alan Grant?

  4. Dan Howarth says:

    I have a couple of nominations straight from the heart… Or the belly.

    Mark Reeve at Dene’s Deli has transformed the humble lunchtime sarnie-grab into a gastronomic extravaganza. A comprehensive board of goodies; staff with an eagerness to experiment; top-quality, natural ingredients; friendliness; and a penchant for traditional country attire. He also throws together a mean burger at the cricket club barbie. This man deserves recognition for services to lunchtime.

    Tony & Sonny Rehill for the Aladdin’s Cave-like selection of local & world beers in the eponymous Rehills of Jesmond. This is the sort of place a man could happily die, high on bubbles and marinated in hoppy goodness. The shop doesn’t just stock beer – it all seems carefully selected, from the greatest hits of Northumberland’s family breweries, to an epic fridge crammed full of pale ales & lagers from across the world. I’m not even mentioning the vast shelves of wine, whiskey and lovely grub, which merit recognition in their own right. Rehill’s: I raise a frothy tankard to thee!

  5. Rob Creswick says:

    Hear hear to Dan’s suggestion of Mark Reeve. He and Jill raised a huge amount for Motor Neurone Disease. And his support for saving the Jesmond cricket ground and building the new Newcastle Cricket Club has been impressive and made a huge difference.

  6. Stu says:

    That’s a good call by Dan – Rehill’s even has Sam Adams beer, a favourite of my dad’s from Boston. Christmas present – done!

    Plus they’ve got those wicked Blue Dragon noodle pots, had Curiously Cinnamon cereal long before Tesco and there’s always a can of Monster chilling in the fridge for me.

    Oops, I’m afraid that (like Dan) I’m thinking from the belly…

  7. David Hardman says:

    Can I nominate 2 people?

    Fiona and Chris Clarke

    Fiona and Chris between them have been the key people in so many successful things in Jesmond for so many years. From the rescue of Jesmond swimming pool and the redevelopment of Bells Yard play ground to the Jesmond Festival and the creation of the new Community Orchard. They have motivated and pushed people in Jesmond into creating a better place for everyone. Jesmond would be a much poorer place without them.

  8. John North says:

    An unlikely local hero is Ann who works in the Jesmond Village Store newsagents at the top of St George’s Terrace. Sorry, but I don’t know Ann’s surname. She has worked there for well over 20 years seeing owners come and go. Single-handedly she opens the shop early each morning before setting out in all weathers to deliver newspapers, ignoring the elements including our current Arctic conditions. Though she is, to put it delicately, a little way past the normal age of retirement, I doubt if Ann has ever had a day off work. If she has I must have missed it. She knows pretty well all her customers and always has a friendly word for everybody while being so self-effacing it’s almost impossible to get her to say anything about herself. Certainly she would be embarrassed if not bewildered to find herself the subject of a “local hero” nomination. She is missing Marjorie who is ill at the moment. For years Marjorie could be seen at the shop with her dog regular as clockwork around 8.30 each morning indulging in a few moments of fat chewing with Ann. It is an example of how Ann is part of the community fabric in this part of Jesmond, acting as an informal gatherer and distributor of news and chit-chat, a friendly face and a support to those in need. Let’s hear it for Ann.

  9. Maira says:

    My Jesmond local hero is Mr Rob Hawkins.He’s the Minister at Jesmond Methodist Church St George’s Terrace.
    He has made such a huge difference in the church and mainly in the lives of so many young people in the area.He’s someone who anyone(mainly students who are far from home and family) can seek help,advice or just a warm welcome in the area from.
    I can’t actually put in words how welcoming he is no matter what one’s background,religion is.
    That’s why I want to nominate him.
    If I can nominate 2 then my next suggestion is Mrs Katie Hawkins.
    They make such a big difference in Jesmond.cheers

  10. Fiona Clarke says:

    I nominate Dave Cross who is now chair of Jesmond Community Forum. He is a man of great vision, quiet and self-effacing, but deeply committed to creating and maintaining a true community of interests in Jesmond. Dave set up Jesmond Network, whose initial work was to stop the expansion of the bars on Osborne Road and beyond. Without his work to coordinate opposition we would be overrun with booze establishments and the problems of anti-social behaviour that accompany them. The Network expanded to form a communication focus for wider community interests in Jesmond. The Community Forum has existed for about seven years, and grows each year, helping all the organisations in the neighbourhood to provide mutual support, and running the annual community festival and photographic competition. Dave’s knowledge of licensing issues, and negotiations with the police and local authority have made these events a resounding success despite many legal, financial and practical difficulties.

  11. Ak Ad says:

    Real shame,Rehills could be so good but just isn’t. There are hundreds of bottled beers from around the world, as well many kinds of international foods and condiments. However, the prices are frankly extortionate in my opinion. One example is, £2.15 for a bottle of beer that you can buy for quid cheaper in any of the supermarkets. I wouldn’t mind so much but the bloke who owns it (I think) is one of the most miserable and least customer focussed people I’ve ever had the displeasure of interacting with commercially in my 36 years on this planet.

    I can only assume that this arrogant disregard for customer satisfaction and rogue trader prices are due simply to the fact that it’s the only shop for some distance.

    Left a bitter taste in my mouth…

  12. Acorn Hardware says:

    I need a hero! anybody who has dates(and/pictures) of Acorn Road,especially my little hardware shop which dates back over 90 years(possibley born 1914?) i would love to hear from.please call into shop@19 Acorn Road or stevenrobson1964@yahoo.com Thank you

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