Jesmond gets two new councillors

Voters in North and South Jesmond have elected two new councillors to represent them on Newcastle City Council in this week’s tightly contested local elections.

David Hardman (left) and Peter Andras

In South Jesmond, Labour’s David Hardman took the seat of Lib Dem incumbent Bob Walker with a margin of just 157 votes. Meanwhile in North Jesmond, Peter Andras scored a narrow 100-vote victory over Labour’s Beccy Earnshaw to retain Ron Armstrong’s seat for the Lib Dems. Hardman runs his own design consulting firm, while Andras is a researcher at Newcastle University’s School of Computing Science.

Earlier this week, JesmondLocal gave the people of Jesmond an opportunity this week to quiz Hardman, Andras and the other candidates hoping to represent them on Newcastle City Council.

Just two days before polling day, JesmondLocal hosted a “Vote Jesmond” live debate between all eight North and South Jesmond candidates in front of an audience of local people at Cafe 1901 on St George’s Terrace, Jesmond. (With thanks to Harcar Property for helping us with the cost of running this event.)

If you weren’t able to make it along (or simply want to enjoy it all over again), replay the live blog and video stream below. (Thanks to Dan Howarth, Sophie Bauckham, David Reed and Harriet Webb for live-blogging, photography and video streaming.)

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We ran the event along clear guidelines to ensure that all candidates knew in advance the questions being asked; and that each candidate had the same opportunity and time to answer those questions. The questions were focused on local issues that impact directly on people living and working in Jesmond, rather than national politics.

We’re very pleased that each of the candidates standing for election agreed to take part.

North Jesmond

Peter Andras (Lib Dem)

Tim Dowson (Green)

Rebecca Earnshaw (Labour)

William Holloway (Conservative)

South Jesmond

David Hardman (Labour)

Kevin O’Neill (Conservative)

Bob Walker (Lib Dem)

Tony Waterston (Green)


4 thoughts on “Jesmond gets two new councillors”

  1. Rebecca Earnshaw says:

    Just wanted to thank Jesmond Local for organising tonight’s event. The meeting was really well attended and although we didn’t get through all the questions, a good range of subjects were covered. Few communities get the opportunity to hear from all the candidates in this way so well done for delivering this important democratic service.
    Thanks also to the team trying to capture what was said in real time – it must have been a very difficult task (especially as I for one speak far too fast!!)
    Thanks very much for inviting me to participate.

    Rebecca (Beccy) Earnshaw – Labour Candidate for North Jesmond
    p.s. Just for the record the new Head at West Jesmond is a he not a she!

  2. Bruce Haagensen says:

    What a good meeting and an excellent opportunity for voters to hear candidates views first hand and in comparison.

    One thing that hit me was the belief that Article 4 would solve the student problems in Jesmond and how many residents think it can return to how Jesmond was 30 years ago!

    The National Landlords Association is not against the change because it will harm Landlords. Far from it they will be better off as competition is capped and they will see their properties go up in value with existing HMO rights.

    No. Our concern is for the community and the city which is why I on behalf of members and several Agents have been trying to get the Council to sit down and see how we can educate the students to have more consideration for their neighbours and bring some harmony to the area rather than find out when all the other options have failed!

    No one has been able to show me evidence of who will buy the properties or replace the students in Jesmond.

    If you stop sharers and believe families will move back in I can categorically say there is limited demand from professional people but considerable demand from families on benefits to be able to live in Jesmond and Council officers have somewhat reluctantly agreed with this view.

    If the recent survey is to be believed we will see in Newcastle a massive drop in students numbers in Jesmond so who will replace them? Probably the under 35s which the Government are making move into shared properties because the Council dont have enough places for themand most are on benefits .

    Whilst many residents at the meeting expressed a view that they were not concerned if property values droppd by £50k I suspect that they are long term residents with nominal or no mortgage. The newer residents could find themselves trapped and unable to move due to negative equity a similar situation to many good people in the West End in the 70’s and 80’s.

    Already we are seeing reduced demand in parts of Heaton and they along with other outlying suburbs could go the way of Benwell in the 80’s!

    We retain Graduates in the city to work and many want to live in Jesmond however this will force them elsewhere and even possibly away from the city if they are unable to live in an area of their choice.

    I would urge Councillors and residents to think carefully about implementing Article 4 powers and look at the wider picture. Landlords need not be the enemy of residents but our members and many other responsible Landlords could be a very positive ally in resolving the problems and rooting out the bad landlords as it is in the interests of us both. We may have different needs but I believe we share a common goal.

    I would recommend caution as the future may not be as many expect and sometimes the devil you know is better than the one you don’t!

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