Church High students create summer garden

Church High School pupils have been busy creating a new outdoor space in Jesmond to enjoy the sun as part of an eco project.

Photograph: Gilbert Johnston (07867812537)

An unused space at the back of the school is currently on course to be renovated into a garden, complete with a vegetable patch, herb garden and flowers – with pupils, parents, grandparents and staff all pitching in.

The creation of an outdoor classroom is the aim of the project, which is partly funded by school recycling initiatives and led by the eco council, where students can learn about environmental responsibility and how to grow their own produce.

Head of the eco council, Skye Logan, 11, commented: “We came up with a variety of ideas, including having a sensory area, water feature and mural for the walls.

“Recycling is such an important part of life at Church High and we’re all keen to help tackle green issues.

“Everyone is very excited to get the space ready so that in the summer it can be used as an outdoor classroom.”

Jane Wrighton, year five teacher at Church High, who coordinates the project, said: “The eco project has been in the pipeline for a number of years now and I’m so glad that it has finally come into fruition.

“The girls have had the chance to come up with all the suggestions for the outdoor space. They have worked extremely well as a team and we’re very proud of what they’ve achieved.

“With the glorious weather we’ve been experiencing, it’s been great for them to get outside into the fresh air and put all their ideas into practice.”

With parents and grandparents stepping in to lend a hand, the project has brought together all the generations to achieve the end goal.

Kevin Maughan, grandad of Church High pupil Sophie Dobson, said: “When I found out about the project, I couldn’t wait to get involved. It’s just great to see the transformation of the space already, as when we first started out it was very overgrown.

“I’ve made the planting boxes and we have just started adding a variety of vegetables and flowers to them.”

Wrighton continued: “It has been fantastic to see all generations embracing the project with such enthusiasm. It simply wouldn’t have got off the ground without all our parents and grandparents and we’re extremely grateful to them for their kind help and support.”