Fat Hippo opens deli on Acorn Road

The Fat Hippo Deli on Acorn Road

The Fat Hippo has expanded its Jesmond activities to Acorn Road this month.

Instead of a restaurant, however, this latest Fat Hippo is a deli that offers hungry customers a selection of take-away sandwiches, soups and jacket potatoes. Illy coffee is also available.

Owner Michael Phillips told JesmondLocal that he felt there was a gap in the market in the west side of Jesmond. Phillips said: “The general consensus from residents, people who work in the local offices and shops and students was that this is something really needed in the area.”

The deli joins a variety of restaurant and retailers on busy Acorn Road. The road has welcomed a number of other new additions this year, including Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour, a refurbished Greggs, and the nearby Waitrose.

Deli customers can either create their own sandwich, choosing from a selection of meats and cheeses, or opt for one of the deli’s “favourites”. Examples include the Turkish Delight, Hangover Three, Italian Job, and Get Him To The Greek.

For those craving something more traditional, the Fat Hippo Deli’s “old favourites” include Tuna Mayo and Bacon Brie Cranberry.

The Fat Hippo restaurant supplies the deli with fresh ingredients, such as homemade tzatziki and caramelised onions, which are used to create on-the-go meals for customers.

Phillips said the deli has had a successful first week, with lunchtime being the busiest time of day.

The deli has enjoyed a positive response from customers. Its Facebook page and Twitter account have received compliments and praises since opening.

@VictoryTea tweeted: “@fathippofood Get In. Jesmond has been lacking this kind of place. I want to be in & out, nice take-out bait, done. And off to work.”

Another customer tweeted: “Didn’t think @fathippofood could get any better, and then they opened their new deli. Exactly what Acorn Road has been missing, #amazing”

Phillips says the Fat Hippo Deli has also received support from neighbouring businesses, including Archer’s Ice Cream Parlour, Boilerhouse, and The Meat Merchant. “It’s nice to be able to support each other,” said Phillips.

Looking to the future, Phillips told JesmondLocal he would like to open more branches of the Fat Hippo outside of Jesmond. “I think it’s good being able to show off our local stuff, our homemade stuff that we make ourselves,” he said.

The Fat Hippo Deli is open Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm and Sundays 11am to 5pm.


3 thoughts on “Fat Hippo opens deli on Acorn Road”

  1. Mark Reeve says:

    Sounds very similar to Denes Deli in the Cradlewell, even down to having quirky names for their specials. Probably just coincidence though.

  2. Linda says:

    Had a sandwich there today and it was great! And so was the price.

  3. Roger says:

    Sounds very similar to the Butterfly Cabinet in Heaton.

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