Jesmond Beauty marks 20 years with 20 offers

Family-run business Jesmond Beauty Clinic is offering a month of promotions to celebrate its 20thanniversary.

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Reception area of Jesmond Beauty Clinic

The salon, which is run by sisters Alison Laws, Sam Richardson, and Jen Jones is offering a package of “20 Offers for 20 Years”.

Laws says that during winter “biting winds, bitterly cold air and often bright sunshine all play a part  in damaging our skin. It’s important to use a good protective moisturiser both day and night. Most people need a more nourishing one during the winter and if you’re outdoors a lot, it’s also good to opt for a moisturiser or make up with an SPF to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays – one of the biggest causes of skin ageing.”

Laws also recommends using regular exfoliation as she says it helps your moisturiser to penetrate better and gives a healthier glow by removing excess skin cells which can often leave the complexion looking dull.

A weekly nourishing mask whilst relaxing in a warm bath, says Laws, is great for your skin, as is a salon facial for an intense skin treatment.

Jesmond Beauty Clinic offers a large range of facial treatments, such as Decleor and La Prairie, and intense skin lifting and exfoliating treatments, including CACI and Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion facials.

To learn more about the promotions, click here. Jesmond Beauty Clinic is located on 1-12 Clayton Road. To contact call (0191) 2818775.