Student volunteers dig the dirt in orchard

Volunteers from Student Community Action Newcastle (SCAN) have been getting their hands dirty at the Jesmond Community Orchard this month.

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SCAN helps out at Jesmond Community Orchard, reports Linda Guma.

SCAN’s Phillip Hay, Bob Milan, Finola Gibson, Sarah Hodgson and Maria Valls Mir helped Gill O’Connell, active member of the Orchard, do some planting, weeding, lawn mowing and tidying up.

The Orchard, located in St. Andrew’s cemetery, welcomes the local community to participate in the planting, cultivation, and harvesting of local fruit. It hopes to foster an interest in local food growing and an appreciation for the environment.

Local residents had helped plant eight new trees in the Orchard last December. These plants are expected to blossom in April.

SCAN volunteers help out at the Orchard on Wednesdays from 1pm to 4pm. SCAN welcomes anyone keen on helping out, and provides volunteers with transportation and equipment.

To learn more about SCAN and the work it does in Jesmond, check out this video: