Jesmond shops get into Halloween spirit

With Halloween just around the corner, the shops of Jesmond have stocked up on accessories and decorations for the occasion.

Y & L and Wooly Blue of Brentwood Avenue have both entered into the Hallows’ Eve spirit by creating spooky window displays.

Y & L owner Yvonne McAndrew said, “We put the Halloween display in the window for the kids passing on the way to and from school – they love it.”

Their window display sports a life-size skeleton, wooden fern trees and skull candles, along with a large, motion animated skull, which flashes red and makes spooky noises.

Wooly Blue has a centre table dedicated to Halloween-related items, including dress-up accessories and ghoulish ornaments. Top hats have been a popular purchase among students, who use them to dress up as The Joker from Batman, according to the shop.

Local mother, Julia Nichols, 37, commented on the shop’s Halloween stock: “I’d shop in Y & L for more sophisticated things, whereas Wooly Blue is more for the likes of my daughter who is eight. I think that’s because of the bright colours.”

Gary McKarthy, a local businessman, aged 53, gave his view: “Wooly Blue’s display appeals more to women or children and you would spend more time browsing because of how it is arranged. Y & L on the other hand is neat and ordered, with more an appeal to adults.”