New artisan shop launches in Jesmond

Craft shop MADE in Jesmond celebrated its launch on Friday 26th October. The artisan retailer, based on Manor House Road, encourages local men and women from any walk of life to sell their produce, whether it is hand-knitted scarves made from Japanese wool or bags crafted from BMX tyres.

MADE in Jesmond provides a platform for these local craftsmen to test the market. The creators also work voluntarily within the store so that they can custom-make for their clients.

This store originated from the ‘pop up’ shops in Newcastle on Nun Street and Grainger Street, which were designed to occupy unwanted property in the town centre, as well as allowing small traders to sell within a store rather than at markets and online.

MADE in Jesmond is Yve Ngoo’s brain child. She used to be a BBC journalist but was made redundant. She still wanted to be creative, so she decided to make a hobby into a living and create MADE in Jesmond.

Yve said that her shop “encourages recycling of materials, woods, furniture and old clothing.”

She added: “It also breaks into the shabby chic and vintage markets.  There is something for everyone here from the very young to gifts that can be bought for your grandma. The stock in this shop is basically something old turned into something beautiful.”

The business was open for a while prior to the launch to make sure that there was enough stock filling the store. According to Yve, the event was a success.

“The makers brought people with them who can then discuss crafts with others, so it is like a crafts network. There have been a lot of inquiries about crafts tonight.”

One lady at the launch said, “Although the shop looks very pretty at first, once you start looking at individual items the stock appears quite randomly put together.”

Another guest commented, “The positive thing about this shop is that the stock here is original, but it targets a very niche and specific clientele.”

Adam Proctor, a local craftsman for MADE in Jesmond, told his story of how he became involved with this shop.

“I am actually a teacher by trade, but, my Dad owns a landscape gardening company, so I use the left over wood and try things out. The first object I crafted was a sort of key holder. Each time I made more furniture I became more adventurous. It is basically trial and error. I discovered this opportunity via word of mouth. I have made a few items such as the table in the window.”

Hayley Scott, another trader, explained the ideas behind her stock: “I run Hadleys Homestore. I stock my cream/rustic items at Beamish gift shop as well as in here…I learnt about this experience as I used to work with Yve in a studio in town where we sewed together.”

MADE in Jesmond can be found on Manor House Road, where Abercrombie used to be.