10 Things We’ll Miss About Dan Howarth

An ever-present since he hobbled into our first meeting in 2009 with crutches and a grin, Dan Howarth has played a huge role in shaping and defining the scope and acitivites of JesmondLocal. And in the process, he  has embedded fun, frolics and fine tweeds into the fabric of our daily lives. Here are just some of the things we’ll miss when he leaves for a new job in Leeds next month.



1. His GINORMOUS mouth

Who’s going to make stupid faces at Nathan’s camera now? No one. That’s who. No one.




2. His taste in real ales.

Although it may look in this photograph like he’s swigging some kind of crude, mass-produced lager, he’s actually quaffing a light hoppy ale. Don’t be fooled though; Dan’s tastes usually tend towards the dark, porter/stout end of the spectrum.




3. His latent lesbianism




4. His ubiquity

We’ll miss the fact that seemingly everyone in Newcastle knows and loves Dan. It means that when you’re on a night out he can be sure to rustle up a crowd, or if you’re just looking for someone to help with a project he’ll invariably know someone (or someone who knows someone), and is their best friend – because he’s outgoing and a jolly good laugh.




5. His inspirational ideas

We’ll miss Dan’s creative energy and positive attitude when it comes to completing seemingly impossible projects in less than 48 hours. When everything seems to be going wrong and you are shaking with stress, Dan seems to always have an answer.



6. Dan’s generosity of spirit

Always the first to get a round in, buy you lunch, or simply offer praise and kind words, Dan truly is a top gent.




7. His sartorial style

Yellow, red, green, blue – Dan’s trousers always spring a surprise.




8. His dulcet Yorkshire accent.

And strict adherence to copyright rules and ethics. (Creative commons photo by Monica Arellano-Ongpin)




9. Dan’s double-entendres

Innocent words such as fists, rubber, headlamps, hard, entry, horn, wood and tackle will now make a dignified return to proper, innocent use.





10. His tireless enthusiasm and willingness to give absolutely ANYTHING a go.


6 thoughts on “10 Things We’ll Miss About Dan Howarth”

  1. Mandy Howarth says:

    Your gain is our loss when the prodigal son returneth!! My prodigal son! Only joking, can’t wait to have him back, what a fabulous farewell. From Dan’s mummy

  2. Simon Tindall says:

    I’m confused…has Dan died?

  3. Kate Galloway says:

    Last time I saw Dan, he made me have a try of some sort of terrible TERRIBLE dark coloured real ale drink. I agreed without question (even though it was heinous) simply because Dan very convincingly pronounced it as amazing. These super persuasive/ worryingly puppetmaster-like skills are Newcastle’s loss and Leeds’ gain. Good luck to you sir in your future adventures! 🙂

  4. JesmondLocal says:

    No, he hasn’t died… but some would say that moving to Leeds comes pretty close

  5. Michelle Embleton says:

    Ah man! We need your number so we can ring you up and sing you a song!

  6. JesmondResident says:

    RIP! So sad, he seemed like such a lovely fellow.

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