Gilbert and Sullivan Society perform Princess Ida at RGS

Newcastle University Gilbert and Sullivan Society are performing Princess Ida at the Royal Grammar School in Jesmond from this evening until Saturday, 23rd February.

The performance will be accompanied by the student orchestra to unravel the tale of neighbouring kings Hildebrand and Gama who eased a tense diplomatic situation by marrying their infant children to each other.

Students preparing for tonight's performance during dress rehearsal last night.

Students preparing for tonight’s performance during dress rehearsal last night.

When the Prince Hilarion and Princess Ida are to be reunited, Ida has abandoned her father’s court to form a women’s university with the goal of proving “that Woman, educated to the task, can meet Man, face to face, on his own ground, and beat him there!”

The  Gilbert and Sullivan Society performs two plays each year. Newcastle student Jamie Watkiss, who is performing in his sixth Gilbert and Sullivan production, said: “It is a fantastic society to get involved with, and tonight’s performance should be really exciting.”

The students, ranging from different degrees and ages, direct and perform the shows themselves with fellow students backstage.

Tonight’s cast consists of 30 of the 300 members of the society, accompanied by the Newcastle University student orchestra. The show’s director, Rory said he was “excited for tonight’s performance.”

The society always performs Gilbert and Sullivan works, with their summer show adapted by the society itself.

Watkiss told JesmondLocal: “This gives us the opportunity to change the words and the plot but to still keep the music, it’s a real challenge but so fun to do.”

The performance starts at 7.30pm each evening and tickets are £8, with £5 for concessions. For more information on the performance or to book a ticket, contact Anna Scott on 07527 885201 or email at Tickets can also be purchased from the Newcastle University Student’s Union.