Jesmond student makes rap video for uni elections

Veronica Kitely may not have debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart like rapper Tinie Tempah did when he released his first single Pass Out. But this Jesmond student, who’s in her final year at Newcastle University, has set the tempo for the Student Union presidential election by producing a rap video for her campaign.

Speaking to Jesmondlocal before the voting began, Kitely said: “I had the best time ever at Newcastle and I want to make sure that every student feels the same way when they leave Newcastle. It is not just about the academic side of things, it is about joining clubs and societies becoming involved so I think more students must be integrated into the students union.”

In her election manifesto Kitely promises support for arts, music, sport and to start a second hand book shop for students.

“In the politics department we did a book swap where students in the final year or second year used to bring in books that they have used and sell them on so they get their money back. And it is much cheaper for students than buying books at a book store,” said Kitely

Students can vote in the elections before polling closes on Thursday at 12.00 pm.