What role does Jesmond play in the national economy?

Economic equality across the country is a hot topic nowadays. Yesterday the BBC asked whether London is holding back the regions’ economic growth, and the regions holding back London. Earlier this month the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released its regional economic indicators, a high level overview of how each region is performing economically compared to the rest of Britain.

JesmondLocal has ploughed through the data to present you with a regional snapshot, showing that economically to the year 2011, the north east was one of the weakest economic contributors to the UK economy. Our interactive infographic below explains why.

There is some good news couched in the data, however. Green shoots of recovery are evident, and the region is rebounding faster than most. Our contribution to the nation’s economic wellbeing is growing faster than the north west, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, and the east of England regions. What’s more, business is growing. In 2011, more new companies were created as a percentage of all businesses than old companies dying off.

That’s how the region as a whole has contributed to the national economy, but how do you feel your area is, economically? Is Jesmond in rude health, or is it struggling to shake off the illnesses of the 2009 recession, sluggish in its adaptability? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, email, or the comments below.