#HelloJesmond: The best (and worst) of our area


#HelloJesmond. Welcome to our website. This week, JesmondLocal turns over its coverage to those who are new to the area, and those who may want to be reacquainted with its best and worst bits.

JesmondLocal‘s editors and correspondents will be spending the week giving you information on the five best and worst things Jesmond has to offer in a variety of fields. From drink to demography, food to fashion, sport to socialising, we’ll be giving you the best welcome you can find to the area.

Throughout the week we’ll be asking you for your opinions on our lists, and anything you feel we should cover or have forgotten, on Facebook, via email, or on Twitter using the hashtag #HelloJesmond. Let us know the secret spots in Jesmond we ought to know about.

On Friday October 4th, we’ll be hosting a live video discussion at JesmondLocal.com about our area, with a panel of Jesmond residents and business holders. We hope you’ll join us.

(Jesmond Metro station photograph taken by Tom Page, used under a Creative Commons licence)