Newcastle Cricket Club joins West Tyne League as part of expansion

Newcastle Cricket Club players during the Bank Cup

Newcastle Cricket Club players during the Bank Cup

Newcastle Cricket Club have established a new development team that will complete in the second division of the West Tyne League in the upcoming season, replacing their C division mid-week squad that previously played in the Northumberland Cricket League.

The team is expected to start its debut season in the last week of April and will play in 42-over matches on Saturdays compared to  20-over cricket in the previous league.

Nick Humble, the club’s co-chair, said that they are attracting an increasing number of junior players and the team will give more people the chance to play competitive cricket, as well as helping them to gain confidence as they transition to their senior team.

“The level of cricket played in the West Tyne League will be of a suitable standard, which we are sure will enable [junior players] to hone their skills and flourish. When [they] get the call-up to join the 2nd XI or 1st XI teams [they] will have the confidence and skills required to compete admirably,’’ said Humble, who is organising the team.

“The aim is therefore to increase their knowledge of the game and their cricketing skills, which is hoped will then eventually enable them to compete successfully in our 2nd XI & 1st XI teams and beyond.”

Humble said that the team will boast a large numbers of young players that will be mixed with senior team members, the latter of whom will also play a coaching role.

The club has also beefed up its junior coaching staff and added its training on Wednesday to prepare the team for the season and to increase the number of youngsters joining teams, partly buoyed by links with local schools.