Jesmond puts the e-cigarette to the test

Smoking is usually not permitted in pubs, bars and restaurants, but when it comes with an ‘e’ some facilities make an exception.

E-cigarettes contain pure nicotine and can be consumed without combustion. Therefore it is believed to be healthier than the the usual intake of tobacco.  Amid the recent debate whether the e-cigarette should be banned for under-18s, JesmondLocal reporters Samantha Killebrew and Marlene Loesken took an e-cigarette to Jesmond.

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One thought on “Jesmond puts the e-cigarette to the test”

  1. Allison Allen says:

    Never mind the continued use of nicotine and it’s escape into the surrunding air, or the fact that e-cigarette brands are owned by tobacco companies.

    Who in their right mind would want to inhale Diethylene glycol?

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