Video: Jesmond Community Festival launches

The Jesmond Community Festival runs from May 8th-25th, with 80 events held over 17 days across Jesmond. Our reporters Louis Francis, Sean Edward Seddon and George Welch attended the festival’s press launch, where they encountered town criers, stilt walkers and hula-hoopers.

To find out more about the events happening across Jesmond in the coming weeks, visit the Jesmond Community Festival website.

2 thoughts on “Video: Jesmond Community Festival launches”

  1. chris murtagh says:

    Really good crew.
    Good presentation of the Jes Fest Press Launch.
    Hoolas better than Noddy’s

  2. Yasmin Ahmed says:

    I love this time every year . Lots of fun and activities . So happy of being one of Jesmond’s residents ūüôā

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