Jesmond Tesco cat brings ‘homely warmth’ to residents

In January 2015, the local Tesco supermarket in Tiverton, Devon became well known for its resident cat.

The cat, who set up home at the shop entrance, well-known on social media as Mango the Cat, soon began to attract local shoppers who would pause outside the store to take photos with the well-loved Tesco tabby.

Shortly after his rise to fame, in the same month, Mango was evicted from the Devon Tesco entrance after supposedly “breaching the store’s health and safety policy”, leaving many regular shoppers devastated.

Since his eviction, it is unknown what happened to Mango the cat.

In recent months, however, another friendly feline has been regularly spotted outside of Jesmond Tesco Metro.

thumbnail_img_0195This cat, who has now been described as “a fluffy, brown and white tabby”, is often found sitting in the store entrance.

The Jesmond cat has also sparked similar online interest to Mango, appearing in student Snapchats as ‘Jesmond Cat’ and even acquiring himself a name on university campuses.

Joseph Thurston, a Newcastle University student living in Jesmond said: “I like how Jesmond Cat brings homely warmth into my otherwise cold adult life, and how he reminds me of home and my own cat.

“I used to see him almost every day back in September but I feel he goes out less often, as it’s cold now that winter is here.”

He added: “I first started posting about Jesmond Cat around the beginning of term time in October. I posted about it because I saw him as a novelty. You don’t usually expect to see a cat at the local Tesco.”

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    Like the photo! He tours Acorn Road shops but this is definitely his favourite spot.

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