Jesmond Festival holds Big Tidy Up

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Keep Jesmond Clean began a ‘Big Tidy Up!’ as part of the Jesmond Community Festival on Friday May 12th.

The clean-up activities, which ran from 4-7pm, were the first of two events which are set to take place during the festival – the aim being to bring environmental issues and cleanliness once again to the attention of Jesmond residents.

One member of Keep Jesmond Clean, Gavin Aarvold, said that through these events they “hope to encourage residents to take the initiative to look after their own areas.”

On May 12th, Keep Jesmond Clean had one of their biggest turn-outs yet, with 18 volunteers gathering to help tidy up.

The clean-up operations were concentrated on the area around St George’s Green, where the main activities of the Jesmond Festival and Grand Festival Fair are to be held.

After this, due to the successful turn out, the team were able to focus their attention on the streets between Osborne Road and the Metro line, which have been completely cleared.

The clean-up team then went to 97 & Social for socialising and refreshments.

Aarvold continued: “97 & Social did us proud, providing space to assemble and debrief over cups of tea, delicious sandwiches and sweet potato chips. Many thanks to their lovely staff.”

The second festival clean-up event will be held on Sunday May 21st at 10am to clean-up Jesmond Vale. To get involved, please contact

One thought on “Jesmond Festival holds Big Tidy Up”

  1. Chris Levant says:

    Any chance of you EVER cleaning the eyesore between Osborne Rd and Grosvenor Place would be UTTERLY stymied by the arrogance of the owners of the hotel Caledonian and the landlord of 11-13 Grosvenor Pl who think they have right to spread their shite opposite EVERYBOY elses property for the convenience of the parking of their tenants and guests never mind if it inconveniences the parking of some one who has to start making all sorts of fancy manoevres to get in and out their own garage or having to move their crap-which is difficult when you only have one leg. This has happened every year-for the last 5 yrs.NOTHING gets done.GO LOOK AT IT NOW. In a coupla months time the new lot of students will come in and I’m gonna have the same old ask ncely get ignored retaliate escalate cos I keep saying “If your crap inconveniences MY parking then by God your crap is gonna inconvenience YOUR parking” and I’m getting sick of this.

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