Jesmond shares its views on the upcoming general election

Political parties are fully into campaigning mode, and JesmondLocal took to the streets of Jesmond to ask its residents two questions about the upcoming general election on June 8th.

Firstly, how would Jesmond swing were it its own constituency?

Secondly, how were they planning on voting on the day?

The answers were varied, with voters siding with all three major political parties. The consensus, however, was that if Jesmond were its own constituency, it would back the Conservative Party.

One local resident said he wanted to see the Liberal Democrats come to power so that they could reinstate the law on HMOs.

Another said she couldn’t trust Lib Dem leader, Tim Farron, and described him as “slimy”.

The overall consensus from the residents we spoke to was that they believed the Conservatives would win if Jesmond were a constituency and that they would be voting Tory come June 8th.