Eco-friendly entrepreneurs set up Cosey Candle Company

Managing Director Elle Forrest, and Operations Manager Rajpreet Lally during the candle making process

A group of sixth form students at Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School are putting the 1.3 million tonnes  of glass which will never decompose and which ends up in landfill each year in the UK to better use, using it to sell sustainable scented candles.

The students, who established the Cosey Candle Company as part of a Young Enterprise Scheme, collect used jars from businesses around Jesmond including shops and hotels and reuse them as candle holders.

Enhancing the company’s eco-friendly unique selling point, the candles are made using soy wax. Soy wax is more sustainable than other candle waxes as it is biodegradable, carbon neutral and paraffin free; releasing a cleaner flame which is better for the environment.

Each candle’s wooden lids and tags are made using offcuts from the Design and Technology department to prevent unnecessary waste.

Students batch make the candles by hand, with managing director Elle Forrest and finance director Aaranya Nodiyal saying they frequently go into school at 7:30am to create the candles.

Intricate detailing on the wooden labels and lids is created using a laser wood cutter to ensure quality control and that all products are the same.

The company is part of the Young Enterprise programme allowing students to experience what it is like to start a new company. Students control everything from the company’s name and the products it sells, to managing the company’s finances and selling at trade fairs.

RGS Students form sustainable candle company, the Cosey Candle Company

Elle Forrest said: “Our inspiration for the idea was that we felt quite strongly about the waste in our country. There are loads of statistics out there talking about the waste of glass and how much of it goes to landfill and we wanted to combat that.”

Operations manager Rajpreet Lally told JesmondLocal there has been a strong interest in the candles, with members of the public welcoming their eco-friendly philosophy. She said: “People love how eco-friendly it is, and how the lids can also be used as coasters.”

The Cosey Candle Company create seasonally scented candles, with the new spring range including lavender, sweet cherry, fresh linen and vanilla cupcake; with the possibility of lemon blossom being developed too.

As part of the Young Enterprise programme, the Cosey Candle Company have a volunteer business advisor to oversee their operations, and have the opportunity to compete against other businesses at regional and national competitions.

The candles retail from between £8-12.


For more information or to donate glass jars, contact the Cosey Candle Company on Twitter or Facebook  @coseycandleco.


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