Man arrested on suspicion of burglary on St. Georges Terrace

A 44-year-old man has been arrested for a burglary on St. Georges Terrace, as police warn residents to keep doors and windows locked when residents are not in the room.

The man was charged with one count of burglary and was remanded in custody to appear before Newcastle Crown Court on July 2.

Northumbria Police have revealed there has been a large increase in burglaries in the Jesmond and Heaton area since the beginning of May.

They have received 51 reports of burglaries and thefts from motor vehicles in just over a month.

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It is believed the majority of victims are students with intruders gaining access to their property through an open window or unlocked door.

Northumbria Police say extra patrols have been stepped up by neighbourhood officers to tackle offenders operating in the area.

“It is very unusual to have more than 50 burglaries in little over a month and so we have been taken this very seriously,” said neighbourhood Inspector Julie Rana.

“We have stepped up patrols, reviewed CCTV and spoken to the student community about keeping their homes secure.

“As the weather hots up we know that people will want to keep doors and windows open but you need to keep them closed and locked when you leave the room.

“If you are moving items from your car please ensure it is locked, the windows are closed and that your car keys are out of sight by any doors and windows.

“If you are in the garden then take steps to make sure doors and windows on the other side of your home are secure.

“We know that motion sensor security lighting is a deterrent for thieves so you could consider that as a preventative measure if you have concerns.

“Opportunist thieves will target the Heaton and Jesmond areas and so we need people to work with us to help prevent this type of offending”.

The number of burglaries in the Jesmond and Heaton area for the year from May 2018 – April 2019 was 370, 6% of all crimes, according to Police.UK.

There were 281 burglaries in Gosforth and Great Park and 215 in Fenhman and Scotswood (5%) in the same year.

Police have urged anyone who wants to report suspicious activity can do that on the Northumbria Police website or by calling 101.

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  1. Emma Vinton says:

    My car has been stolen from three times since parking in Jesmond. Lets hope it is this guy and he’s been caught. So sick of having my things taken.

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