Friday rant: Bring in the noise police!

We’ve all been there – you’ve finished Dancing With the Stars or whatever awful show the television gods have decided you will be watching on any given Friday night, polished off your cup of hot chocolate, then up to bed. And then it starts. Thud thud thud… The walls begin to vibrate. Yes, I may be young but I’m an old soul – and after 10pm, I believe it’s quiet time. Looking at new flats on the Quayside, one surrounded by offices on all sides is actually incredibly appealing to me.

So is this what it’s come down to? A desperate attempt to escape from Jesmond, the Colditz where I’ve been trapped by the Noizis?

Other than putting something which will render the student population “calmed right down” in their VKs, I can think of a couple of solutions. Firstly, “noise education”. Students are allowed to be very loud in halls without much protest (Bert from Security coming round and saying “Lads…come on, settle down” really doesn’t count). Surely imposing a proper noise curfew would help students get into the swing of the concept of acceptable volume.

Secondly, a proper noise control patrol – though perhaps with a name that rhymes a bit less. I remember seeing ads for a special phone number that was set up for people to report anti-social behaviour, but it seemed to vanish as quickly as Linsday Lohan’s inhibitions do after a couple of martinis.

Either way, something needs to happen and it needs to happen quickly – incidents like students urinating on my aunt’s car (which happened a few weeks ago) and the proposal of student ghettos mean that alienation between students and locals is at an all time high. Perhaps this is just a case of the minority making it bad for the majority and the police just need to make an example of a few students.

Hmm, that DOES make me sound a bit grumpy doesn’t it?  I promise I’m not. It’s just I’ve been here for four years now and I really want a good night’s sleep…

Do you feel the same? Tell us below.

3 thoughts on “Friday rant: Bring in the noise police!”

  1. Jane Cooper says:

    I agree – it seems that ALL students and not just the noisy antisocial tiny minority are tarred with the same brush, and it’s easy to forget that most students would also like a decent sleep at night (and decent accommodation, tidy front gardens etc etc, but that’s another story)

    Your suggestion about noise education for 1st years living in halls is interesting, and might help all students in halls to have the opportunity to get some sleep and quiet time for study.

  2. Dan says:

    Friday nights in Jesmond are for many things… And sleeping ain’t one of ’em you big party pooper!

    Nice idea, but noise education would be about as effective as teaching table manners to a pack of hungry hyenas. And in all fairness, people need their blow-out time.

    In my book, Fridays are ok til 3am. Saturdays likewise, unless I’ve been kept awake the night before. Sundays and schoolnights? A firm but friendly visit, followed by the forces of hell if my diplomacy is ignored.

  3. kieran says:

    It’s ridiculous I’m awake at this time of the morning due to people shouting outside my front door and a house party upstairs with music blaring at 5am. Is there anything being done about this? Clearly not much since this original post was written in 2010.

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