Are Jesmond residents being neglected by their MP?

The people of Jesmond are getting a raw deal from their recently elected MP, reckons one local resident.

Nick Brown holds surgeries in Walker and Byker

Labour’s Nick Brown now represents Jesmond, following its inclusion in the Newcastle East constituency. The MP holds constituency surgeries once a month, but according to local resident Jane Cooper, the two locations he is using – the Allendale Community Centre in Byker and the Jubilee Club in Walker – are too difficult to get to for many people who live in Jesmond.

“These two locations are only one mile apart from each other, and the nearest is 2.5 miles from where I live and well over 3 miles from the north part of North Jesmond ward,” says Cooper. “Jubilee Club is in the eastern part of Walker ward, and Allendale Community Centre is just within Byker ward, but only yards from the Walker boundary.

“The route by public transport from my part of Jesmond involves walking a distance of over half a mile and using either two buses or a metro and a bus. I wouldn’t like to do this journey with young children, or if I had difficulty walking.” According to Cooper, the three different cycling routes given by Cyclestreets all contain warnings of very busy roads.

“I think the residents of North and South Jesmond wards deserve better than this,” says Cooper.

3 thoughts on “Are Jesmond residents being neglected by their MP?”

  1. Beccy Earnshaw says:

    I agree that it is important that there are regular opportunities for us Jesmond residents to discuss issues face to face with our MP (and other local representatives). However, as Nick Brown has only become MP for the Jesmond area just over a month ago (and what a busy month in politics it has been!), I think it is a bit quick to criticise and we should give him a chance to make appropiate arrangements for Jesmond. The other surgeries are in areas that were part of the old constituency so I am assuming the arrangements for these have just continued as they were before, whereas Jesmond is a new area and it is understandable and sensible that it might take a little bit of time to review how best to serve the area and sort out arrangements. Has Jane Cooper called his office and asked about his plans for Jesmond? I found his staff to be very helpful in responding to a recent enquiry I made. On a related note do our local councillors hold surgeries in Jesmond – if so, could somebody let me know when and where?

  2. David Hardman says:

    Can I suggest that, before complaining, the resident in question contacts Nick Brown to ask him what he intends to do in Jesmond. From my conversations with his office they are in the process of making arrangements for North and South Jesmond. I understand they are trying to develop a variety of ways in which Nick can work with Jesmond residents.

    I know it is annoying when there is little opportunity to sit face-to-face with our representatives but Jim Cousins worked very hard to make up for the fact that the Jesmond councillors did not hold surgeries in the wards and I am sure Nick will be working just as hard as Jim did.

  3. Greg Stone says:

    He’s not held surgeries in Heaton or High Heaton for years.

    Jesmond councillor surgeries are at the Library, 1st Thursday of each month 6pm and 3rd Saturday of each month, 10am

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