Residents fear flood of new student houses

Jesmond home-owners have expressed fears about a potential increase in the number of student homes in their midst ahead of a legislative change governing houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs).

In April the previous Labour government introduced legislation that required planning permission for changes in occupation of properties from family homes to small HMOs (no more than six tenants) such as shared student houses.

The new coalition government intends to pursue a similar course of action, allowing local authorities to demand planning permission in areas they consider to have too heavy a concentration of HMOs.

However, from 1st October, 2010 there will be a 12-month transition period before the new government’s rules take effect – which means 12 months during which property owners will be free to convert homes into HMOs without any planning permission.

“It will be 12 months before we get back again the controls that were given us in April,” Councillor Ron Armstrong told angry residents attending tonight’s North Jesmond Ward Committee meeting. “We are very unhappy, but it has been imposed upon us.”

Alan Grant of Jesmond Residents Association told the meeting that he was aware of other city councils which were considering seeking a judicial review of the legislative changes, but Councillor Armstrong said he was unaware of any grounds on which a review could be sought. He said plans to ease pressure on Jesmond by building accommodation for 6,000 students in the city centre were on target.

3 thoughts on “Residents fear flood of new student houses”

  1. karl schmidt says:

    I am not a resident of Jesmond but I can see why so many of the permanent residents would complain of the transitory, dormitory use most houses there are being put to. Every year a new crop of arrogant student migrant parasites turn up to satisfy the needs of another parasitical group, the landlords. It wouldn’t surprise me if having student accommodation in jesmond amounted to a net loss in council revenue.

    Neither of these two groups would seem to care too much about the state of their property in which they live. One has only to walk down the lanes to see garage doors off, yards permanently open, bins left out 24/7- turned over spewing their contents-recycle bins with building rubbish in! Never in my life have i seen so many boxes and bags of empty beer bottles and cans parked in the lanes.This is such a problem I am surprised the LA are being so tolerant or maybe they’ve no choice as the owners of the rubbish would just pile it on top.

    Along with the students comes a herd of their cars cluttering up the streets like some great leeming rush that unfortunately waits and doesnt go off the cliff. Then there is the great amount of permanent alteration and building blight to houses in Jesmond, Osborne Road was a residential route in a nice residential area now its like a wild west yahoo parade, blocked by cars and taxis who take no notice of parking regulation or local residents.

    Not everyone thinks that glitzy tarty pubs are something to be desired. Surprisingly not everyone drinks.Not everyone wants to while their time away in a pub or sit outside munching and doing that “people watching thing”
    Wake up Jesmond, Osborne road is an eyesore.
    Why has your local authority sat back and let Jesmond be turned into a commercialised dump? Its because of greed, inactivity,laziness,no pride in their area and theres something in it for them. Think ahead Jesmond, a Short term gain is becoming a long term loss.

    Theres a lot thats good about Jesmond, mostly it is a nice pleasant area but it needs to be defended.

  2. A Jesmond resident says:

    I do not understand why you allow people to leave such insulting reply’s? I AM a Jesmond resident and have been for most of my life, I can tell you that Jesmond is a fabulous place to live! I have a family who loves living here too, we enjoy the restaurants, bars, shops, schools, parks and Dene. The students and weekend visitors are no problem whatsoever, in fact they add to the fabulous multicultural/international feel of OUR area. The likes of Mr Schmidt have no valuable opinion, to me it sounds like jealousy that he cannot afford to live in such an exclusive area.
    Bring on another new shop in Jesmond, it all adds to the vibrancy of our area that high end retailers recognise what a great place Jesmond is.

  3. dave t says:

    I totally agree with the first response. We lived in Jesmond for 10 years, and were forced to move out of the area (at great expense) because of the intolerable behaviour of students. My family was woken most nights during term time at around 3 in the morning – passing drunken students and a house of rowdy students next door. The students on the whole have no consideration for residents. It used to be the case that they were students in a residential area. It is now unfortunately the case that the remaining residents are living on a student campus. The antisocial behaviour includes students urinating and vomiting in our front garden; vandalised cars (“how jolly it would be to run along this line of car bonnets and roofs!”); mountains of rubbish in the front gardens and back yards; and in-your-face aggression. It is sadly a fact that many parts of Jesmond have been lost to students. The Universities do nothing effective to address this and the police, although well meaning, are effectively powerless to do anything about it. Fact. It makes me shudder whenever I have to return to Jesmond. Walking along Osborne Road and Lily Crescent this week I stepped over 4 separate vomits on pavements…..

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