North Jesmond ward meeting

Local crime reports and project updates from the Jesmond Community Forum, Community Orchard, St George’s Church and Jesmond Pool were just some of the items on the agenda at this week’s North Jesmond ward committee meeting. But if you couldn’t get along in person our reporters were there to live-blog all the important decisions and discussions. Follow the blow-by-blow account by clicking here. (For details of the agenda, visit here.)

4 thoughts on “North Jesmond ward meeting”

  1. David Hardman says:

    I was disappointed to see the Councillors lack of scrutiny at tonight’s meeting when they gave £6,000 to Northumberland Racquets Club. If they had asked some searching questions, or any at all really, they would have found that the Club already had the money set aside to do the repairs to the courts and they have just given the club money it did not need.

    While I agree that sports facilities are important to Jesmond, surely there are more appropriate places, where the need is greater, for the council’s limited resources to be spent.

  2. Jim Douglas says:

    In response to the comments above, it is necessary for the club to build up funds over a few years to replace\update the facilities to ensure they remain one of the best sports clubs for predominantly tennis\squash and badminton in the North East. The club has to spend substantial sums of money every year to maintain the facilities to enable a large number of local residents to enjoy their racquets sports and maintain a healthly lifestyle. The club were very pleased to receive the funding £6000 at the Ward meeting on Wednesday evening.

    Jim Douglas
    General Manager
    The Northumberland Club

  3. David Hardman says:

    Hi Jim

    I do not doubt the excellence of the club nor the valuable community resource that the club provides. What I am questioning is the scrutiny by the Councillors.

    The money that has been given to the club is from a limited fund from which the ward committee needs to ensure the maximum benefit to the whole community. There was no scrutiny of the Club’s ability to fund the repairs. By your own admission, after the meeting, the repairs would have been made with or without the funding. Tthe Club has the ability to build funds over a few years and these repairs are built into its business planning. In effect the Club now has a £6,000 boost to its funds that I am sure will be put to good use but were not necessary for the project that was proposed.

    The Ward committee should be looking to fund projects that would be of benefit to the community and would be unlikely to go ahead without their support.

  4. David Hickling says:

    I agree with the concerns raised by David Hardman. Doubtless the club provides excellent facilities for many members of the local community, however perhaps the councillors could be more proactive in seeking areas in the ward that could really do with the funding, rather than wait for organisations to come to Ward Committees from their own steam. As I write this comment, I think of the Tennis Courts at Exhibition Park, at my last check in dire need of renovation to bring up to a decent quality. Although not strictly in either of the ‘Jesmond’ Wards they are a resource used by many Jesmond residents (and schools to my knowledge) that are available to anyone. Im aware that the Jesmond wards provide support to the Exhibition Park redevelopment and therefore feel the tennis courts would be due the financial consideration (perhaps even more so!) than the Racquets club received.

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