Council leader meets JesmondLocal

Nick Forbes (right) on Jesmond walkabout

JesmondLocal accompanied the new leader of Newcastle City Council, Nick Forbes, on a walk around Jesmond this lunchtime (Tuesday 7th June).

During his two-hour walkabout  – one of a series of such events in wards around the city – Forbes spoke with local residents, community leaders, police officers, neighbourhood response teams and councillors and heard some of the main challenges facing Jesmond: from litter and parking to anti-social behaviour, unsightly letting boards and HMOs (houses of multiple occupancy).

The tour began at Newcastle Cricket Club on Osborne Avenue and finished on St George’s Terrace at Jesmond Pool, which Forbes said he hoped could act as a model for how other “assets” within the city could be run. Listen here to what else he had to say:


Forbes was re-elected unopposed as the leader of the Labour group on 8th May and formally elected as leader of the City Council on 25th May.


4 thoughts on “Council leader meets JesmondLocal”

  1. Rix says:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    I have lived in Jesmond for over 20 years but will probably leave soon because of (i) the noise caused by visitors to the Osborne Rd pubs screaming as they stagger past my house at all hours; and (ii) the gradual destruction of formely elegant properties and roads in Jesmond due to the creation (and allowance) of so many HMOs.

    Does Nick want me to stay, if so, what is he going to do to encourage me?

  2. Sparky says:

    I want to ask him if Labour will reverse the petty finger pointing fuelled by LibDems and JRA and realise that Jesmond is only one part of a diverse city, no more, no less. One which attracted me, as a professional, to move in and start a family beside a great mix of amenities which simply would not be there if left to pensioners alone to shop! Do you think we would still have a pool and a library for a start?

    So long Rix… Hope you find a good house in the turn of the last century somewhere!

  3. Rix says:

    Sparky, I have been an active contributor to the establishment and development of the pool and other amenities in Jesmond. I agree it is a only one part of one of the most diverse cities in the UK and I am glad that you, as a professional chose to live here.

    I’m not a pensioner, and am also a professional, which means I have to stay awake for my job. This is getting difficult because I and my family are woken every morning between Friday and Monday at various times between 2 and 5am. Perhaps you are lucky enough to live somewhere that doesn’t happen but it doesn’t give you the right to patronise me when I raise it as a (non-political) issue.

  4. Peter Breakey says:

    Its a shame that as a local councillor I was told that I was not wanted on the walkabout because numbers were limited (although space was somehow found for the new South Jesmond Labour councillor and the North Jesmond Labour party candidate!) In any event I was able to run through a list of local concerns with Councillor Forbes at the meeting at the pool and not surprisingly these included many of the ones he mentions in your report, eg.

    noise (in particular night time noise),
    the proliferation of letting boards,
    problems caused by taxis outside the bars on Osborne Road,
    the very run down state of some of the housing stock,
    the desire for safe cycle routes to the city centre,
    the desire of residents to be able to make greater community use of West Jesmond Primary School,
    the desire of residents for greater facilities for younger children

    It’s not very difficult to identify these problems and wishes, but it is much harder to do something about them. If Councillor Forbes is prepared to help us deal with these issues, I will be quite happy, regardless of the party political implications. As regards the comments above, I sympathise completely with Rix. There are very many people in a similar position who continually have their sleep disturbed by drunks and I know of a number of professional families who have left or are trying to leave Jesmond because of this problem.

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