Volunteer gardeners race to the green flag

A crack team of local volunteer gardeners swung into action this week when the Friends of Brandling Park group were advised, at very short notice, that a “Green Flag” judging panel would be paying a visit just 24 hours later. The Green Flag Award is the national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales, and is run by The Civic Trust.

A team led by Lorry Marshall began weeding some of the beds which the Friends have created. Keith Pimm of the Friends group says he hopes that the Green Flag, which the Friends have helped win twice already, will be retained as a result. “This photo shows the amount of weeds and dead planting we removed, and the Friends who had given their time – Lorry, Erica and Wally,” says Pimm. “Wally was a stakanovite worker, who took out the monster New Zealand flax that Barbara and Pippa (other Friends) had wanted removed for so long. I would not have believed he had done it by himself unless I had seen it. Talk about ‘Big Society’ – Cameron really needs an army of volunteers like Wally!”

Local councillor Tom Woodwark praised the group for their “excellent work”. The volunteers have also been thanked by Leazes and Brandling Park manager Adam Greenwold.