Comment: Anything is possible in the ‘multiverse’

It’s an exciting time in the world of theoretical physics at the moment (oh yes!). Faster than light particles, the tantalising possibility of finding the Higgs Boson and new evidence suggesting our universe is just one of an infinite number, where anything that is possible has actually happened.

This multiverse theory is gaining more and more popularity, as breakthroughs advance our understanding of the very beginning of everything.

Latest theories suggest that there is an infinite number of other universes where every possibility is played out, the only constant being the laws of physics.

Essentially the idea suggests there was a period of extremely rapid expansion in the first moments after the Big Bang. This expansion was faster than the speed of light, splitting all the gases into separate bits, (Universes) which are still moving apart from each other through space.  This means they are effectively sealed off from each other and no interaction can happen between them. In effect this means there are lots of Universes, the multiverse.

But the make-up and physical laws of each of these universes will be the same, as they all came from the same primordial soup. Scientists have calculated that there is a finite number of ways that universes can be put together.

Even though this is a ridiculously massive number it means that if you travelled far enough between the Universes you would eventually come to one identical to the one we inhabit.

And there will be many others with minor differences; there will be a universe where Jesmond is just like Cruddas Park, or Jesmond Dene could be part of a massive rainforest stretching from coast to coast, with just a few monkeys swinging in the branches.

And somewhere out there is a universe where I’m a successful novel writer, another where I play up front for England and millions more where I don’t exist at all. Probably one of the ones that my girlfriend wishes she was in!

Of course this still doesn’t rule out the possibility of an intelligent creator at the heart of it all.

But what do you think? Feel free to post your comments below.

2 thoughts on “Comment: Anything is possible in the ‘multiverse’”

  1. Dan says:

    Maybe there’s a Large Hadron Collider in Cruddas Park, because I know of a little Jesmond-esque oasis there that’s gaining mass.

  2. Steve Jones says:

    Well, there are a few points here. Firstly, you say the multiverse theory is becoming very popular. So did Nazism and Theosophy. I don’t see you saying that it is becoming more scientifically credible. In fact populism is recognised as a socially disabling phenomenon – power to the masses, the great unwashed, as they say. More importantly, if you thing about an infinited sequence of universes, it really removes any reason whatsoever for living. Why worry about your mortgage if you know that in an infinite number of universes, you will win lotto and never have to worry about money again? That your atoms and molecules will come together under a GO type sun an infinite number of times and BE you down to the last atom and experience and decision and timeline – if you are dissatisfied with life, just kill yourself, you will live an infinite number of times as a prince ruling the world, while white tiger aliens disembark their spaceships and hand you the secrets of immortality and godlike invincibility. After all, in an infinite number of universes, every possible combination and permutation must occur an infinite number of times!

    Clearly, this is a crap rubbish nonsense theory and only populist journalists who don’t have a clue would be gormless enough to publish it.

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