Royal British Legion Recycling Bins Are Open to All

The council’s Environmental Services are encouraging all Jesmond residents to use the recycling bins located in the Royal British Legion car park.

Royal British Legion on West Jesmond Avenue

The recycling point, installed by the British Legion, is meant for everyone’s use, although many residents are apparently unaware.

This has left the bins somewhat neglected.  Mark Manley, Recycling Officer of Environmental Services in Newcastle said:  “It’s fairly underused and I think this is probably because residents may think it is exclusively for the Royal British Legion. It isn’t.”

British Legion has allowed the containers to be placed at the car park on West Jesmond Avenue for community use as long as they are kept in good condition.

We  spoke to some residents who said they did not use the recycling point because they recycled at home.

Daisy Boles,  a 20-year-old student and resident of Jesmond told JesmondLocal: “I had no idea that there was a recycling point there”.

Jackie Crombie, another local, gave JesmondLocal a short interview on her recycling habits.