Students protest against university cuts and tuition fees

Students protest against cuts.

Newcastle University students, including a Jesmond contingent, made the six-hour trip from Newcastle to London on Wednesday for #Demo2012.

The #Demo2012 was organised by the NUS to protest against cuts in education funding by the coalition government.

Students from North-East universities marched from Temple Palace to Kennington Park, under the common banner “Educate, Employ, Empower”.

The student turn-out, though modest in numbers compared to the 2010 protest march, was vocal. Students came up with a variety of chants; “ABCD, education should be free,” seemed most effectively to drive home the point.

A few were seen holding placards that read, “Nick’s a rotten Clegg”.

According to the BBC, the police forces were more in number than the students.

The historic Kennington park was the rally point for all student unions and the numbers grew thinner by the end of the march. Yet some students braved the rain from start to finish.

We spoke to Shahin Nikman, a final year student from Newcastle University who lives in Jesmond.