Christmas on Brentwood Avenue

With less than a fortnight till Christmas the shops of Brentwood Avenue have embraced the seasonal spirit and are covered in festive decorations.

Y&L has positioned the majority of the Christmas stock – such as cards, baubles, table decorations and much more – on a large central table on the shop floor. She has also spruced up the window displays with more festive items.

The Golden Window Display at Y&L

Outside of the shop there are a couple of large wooden reindeer which attract many children.

One passer-by, Susan Cole, mum of two, told JesmondLocal: “Both my kids love the reindeer, they love coming past here just to stroke them.

Christmas Table at Y&L

Y&L’s Christmas Window












Y & L’s neighbouring shop Wooly Blue is filled from top to bottom with Christmas gifts and decorations too. They offer the service of personalising baubles for your loved ones.

Customer Kate O’Brien said of service: “It is a great idea for baby’s first Christmas present because it is unique to them.”

Wooly Blue’s window is decorated with a Santa’s sleigh. They have made the front of their shop a large present by wrapping the door in a red velvet bow which finishes off their Christmas decorations.

Wooly Blue’s Christmas Window

Wooly Blue's Christmas Table

Wooly Blue’s Christmas Table