Council to reward recyclers and says “OK” to cartons

Photo credit with thanks: Andy Arthur on FlickrA citywide contest running until June 2013 aims to raise awareness about blue bins in Newcastle.

The NE Rewards competition urges residents to participate in a draw at the end of each month, which includes £1,250 worth of prizes.

Meanwhile, Newcastle City Council has given the green light for cartons to be placed in blue bins. Aerosol cans and glass jars are often under-represented in recycling bins, and cartons were never before deemed recyclable. A Council campaign will run until the end of December 2013 and hopes to increase recycling of these items across the whole city.

Mark Manley, Recycling Officer at Newcastle City Council, told JesmondLocal: “The scheme is seeking to capture cartons and the Council’s recycling sorting contractor, O’Briens, have confirmed they will accept them.”

The scheme asks that cartons be rinsed out and squashed before being placed in the blue bins. Glass jars and aerosol cans also need to be rinsed.

To enter the NE Rewards competition, residents need to register online  or call 0844 844 4546. This will provide them with stickers, which need to be fixed on to empty aerosol cans, glass containers and cartons before being placed in the bin. Once the bins are collected, participants’ stickers will be entered into a draw for the chance to win prizes including a laptop computer, tablet PC, Blu-ray player and £200 worth of discs, and a iPod 160gb.

Photo credit with thanks: Andy Arthur on Flickr, under Creative Commons licence.