Northumbria Police acts on anti-social behaviour

Photo by by under Creative Commons Licence

Photo by by under Creative Commons Licence

October 28th-November 1st was Northumbria Police’s week of action against anti-social behaviour (ASB). Created to tackle the rise in anti-social offences that commonly occur around the Halloween festivities, additional police presence was placed along the main routes partygoers usually travel, including Metro stations and shopping areas.

Officers and Community Support Officers pro-actively engage with students and residents, and deal with any incidents of ASB. They also work closely with the universities and Newcastle City Council.

Neighbourhood Inspector Louise Cass-Williams explained the police wanted “people to enjoy the activities that go with Halloween – we just want to make sure their fun is not another person’s misery.”

During the week there were 22 incidents of student related anti-social behaviour in the North and South Jesmond Areas. As a result of these occurrences, 13 students were given verbal warnings and 38 issued with First Warning letters – their universities were also notified.


In addition, Night Noise and Operation Oak officers were called to a large-scale party in Holly Avenue, which resulted in seven students being given Noise Abatement Notices. Their respective universities, letting agents and landlords were then notified.

On the issue of ASB Cass-Williams said: “We will continue to work with residents and partners to ensure people in the North and South Jesmond Areas can enjoy living in their communities.”

This scheme is one of the first since recent changes to the night watch programme to try and cut down ASB in the evenings. This involves two regular officers and one noise officer patrolling the streets, responding to complaints from the public and issuing warnings where needed.

Night watch runs on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays from 7:00PM – 1:30AM and Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8:00PM – 04.00AM, although officers  explain this is flexible due to individual needs. They ask the public to contact the street team with late night ASB complaints directly on 0781 2975246, or alternatively, on their helpline: 0191 2787878. Any other anti-social behaviour complaints can be reported on 101.

One thought on “Northumbria Police acts on anti-social behaviour”

  1. Claire Salmon says:

    We are absolutely fed up with the continued antisocial behaviour we suffer on a weekly basis. If it isn’t drunks urinating outside our house it’s stepping over broken glass on Osborne rd with our two small children or dodging pools of vomit (the latest if which was kindly left outside our gate). We have even witnessed one idiot smashing a bottle against our fence at 6 in the evening. Until CCTV is fitted and used effectively there will be no dramatic change in this ongoing situation. There seems to be no respect from the majority of students/drinkers socialising in the area. During freshers week we had a group of at least 40 students jumping on our fence to play done sort of party game. As we are on the corner of Eslington Terrace we are also used as a taxi rank/pick up point which brings even more noise and disruption. The bars themselves need to be policed more closely and made to tidy up after their clients when broken bottles & glasses are left outside not forgetting the afore mentioned vomit.
    I can see we will be forced to move from the area unless drastic changes are implemented.
    Yours faithfully
    Mrs C Salmon

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