Musicians gather for Christmas Teenage Cancer Trust concert

On Friday December 6th, the Royal Grammar School hosted a charity Concert for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The concert started at 7.30pm in the auditorium of the school. The audience were treated to two hours of live music by Ruth Lambert and The Voice of the Town over the course of the evening, with Steve Martin as the director of the performance.

Ruth Lambert was first to take the stage. Playing first the piano and later the guitar, her voice captured the attention of the audience. For the third song, she was accompanied by Steve Martin at the piano, while she sang a repertoire of jazz and popular music, including He’s a Tramp by Peggy Lee and Santa Baby were some of the songs played during her performance.

After a break, The Voice of the Town succeeded Ruth on the stage. The gospel chorus, composed of 26 women and four men, sang seven songs in total. With the company of two guitars, a piano and an orchestra in the pit, the chorus combined group performances with magnificent solos. They surprised with cover versions of Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and Somebody To Love by Queen, as well as other tracks like Walking in a Winter Wonderland. Finally, the chorus closed the night with a short solo by Steve Martin.

In attendance was the local president of the Teenage Cancer Trust. He explained the situation of the charity, as well as its purpose – to help young adults diagnosed with cancer through their treatment. At the end of his speech, he encouraged the audience to attend the next Christmas concert on Wednesday December 18th, which will be held at St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Additional Reporting by Eliza Fayer