Does Jesmond need more night-time police patrols?

JesmondLocal reporters Morgan Ayre and Eliza Fayer interviewed council, resident and police representatives to find out whether enough is being done to keep Jesmond’s streets safe at night.


Police Patrol

One thought on “Does Jesmond need more night-time police patrols?”

  1. Ben says:

    Are you kidding? I used to live on Osborne Road and I’ve never seen so many patrols in one area in my life. If anything, it showed an irresponsible approach to public spending as the rich demand more and take from the poorer areas.

    No doubt the concentration of drinkers in Jesmond (I say that in a non-pejorative manner) causes some issues on an evening, should the responsibility not be given to licensing and planning application, not to mention a more responsible attitude from the bar owners?

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