Why are Jesmond’s roads clogged at school run time?

More people in the North East use cars on the school run than any other region, according to a recent survey*, and Jesmond’s roads between 8.30am and 9am are as busy as any in the region.

JesmondLocal reporters Samantha Killebrew and Marlene Loesken visited Eskdale Terrace to ask parents on the school run why they choose to drive rather than walk, cycle or use public transport.

*A survey conducted by Allianz Your Cover found many parents from 71% of North East parents use cars as the main form of transport on school runs. A third of participants in the North East said they had witnessed aggressive behaviour on a daily basis while frustrated parents look for a space to park.


One thought on “Why are Jesmond’s roads clogged at school run time?”

  1. Tony Waterston says:

    The comments made by parents on why they drive their children to school are disappointing but not surprising, and include safety, convenience and distrust of buses. It is strange that the Metro was not mentioned, since Jesmond station is a few yards from the school and accesses most of the places mentioned as origins of the children.
    One parent said that it would be unsafe to cycle from Gosforth. In fact there is a safe cycle path almost the whole way, but the chaos on Eskdale Terrace (and Tankerville for children cycling to West Jesmond) would discourage many parents of young children.
    Surely there is a case for firm action on school drop offs? Parents with ideas on this please get in touch with me at the JRA.

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