Jesmond Dash shows who’s fastest: car, cyclist or pedestrian

The Jesmond Dash participants.

The Jesmond Dash, a race competition between a walker, cyclist and a car driver, has proved biking to be the fastest transport for short distance commutes. The event that took place on May 28th as part of the Jesmond Community Festival was aimed to highlight the benefits of cycling in areas like Jesmond.

The race set off from the bandstand in Exhibition Park and finished at the entrance to the Visitor Centre at Pet’s Corner in Jesmond Dene. Four participants, Jasper Mogg, Roger Loxley, Mungai Wairia and Finn Willingham, started the race at 1pm – each taking a different route, but sticking to the speed limits.

It took only six minutes 10 seconds for Mogg, the cyclist, to reach the finish line, while for car driver, Loxley, it took seven minutes 2 seconds. Runner Wairia, and walker Willingham crossed the line in a time of nine minutes 34 seconds and 15 minutes 37 seconds respectively.

The prizes.

Tony Waterston, Chair of the Jesmond Residents Association (JRA), said: “The Jesmond Residents Association organised the Dash for a bit of fun to show that the cycling is usually the quickest way.

“We had a fast runner and a fast walker to look at the timing of that as well, so that was the purpose of it to show the difference in timings.”

The winner.

Max Hall, the finishing line judge, said: “The most relaxed person from the group would be Jasper, cool, calm and happily parking his bicycle in a rack before asking if it was the finish point.

“Roger jumped out of his car hurriedly to claim his arrival time although just parked the car on the road adjacent to the sign saying ‘restricted parking zone’, if the rule had been to find a parking space, lock it up and make his way to the finish line the time would have been somewhat more.”

Jasper Mogg and Tony Waterston.

Mungai Wairia receiving his prize.

Jasper Mogg said: “Because I am a medical student I tend to ride my bicycle to the hospital every day even when it’s pretty wet. It was good to show the advantages of cycling for getting from place to place really.

“The cycle provision has improved quite a lot recently. There is still quite a way to go, but I thought I had a better chance than a car of winning because there is always traffic in Jesmond”.

The Jesmond Dash was followed by Tour de Jesmond, an annual cycle tour organised as part of the Jesmond Community Festival.

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  1. Philip Bowe says:

    I must get my bike back out! However, I do tend to walk a lot. Living in Fernwood Road, Jesmond metro is on my doorstep. However, I almost invariably walk to town (19 minutes back from Side the other day, I was quite impressed with myself up that hill) and walk to Acorn Rd. I get free exercise, fresh air, no costs/frustrations with parking, and I can talk to people.

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