Vote Jesmond 2017: Labour comes out on top in JesmondLocal poll

The Labour Party were the clear winners of an informal poll of Jesmond voters taken on the afternoon of June 3rd in Jesmond Dene.

Voters were given three clear plastic boxes labelled Conservative, Labour and other with an assortment of coloured balls. JesmondLocal asked people to put the balls into the box of who they were voting for on June 8th.

More than two hours later, the balls were counted: there were 52 votes for Labour, 12 for Conservative and 6 for the Liberal Democrats. The Green Party and UKIP did not receive any votes.

There was a minor flurry of votes for the Conservatives in the middle of the afternoon from a group of young students. However, it was still not enough and Labour votes continued to grow throughout the day.

Most people seemed keen to cast their vote and they were sure of who they were going to vote for. Only a handful of passers-by declined and said they were not voting, one of whom said because “they are all in it to line their own pockets”.

Some people referred to the Conservatives as “the lesser of two evils” while one man called Jeremy Corbyn “a lunatic”.  There were others still who praised the Labour leader for not being greedy with expenses and liked the idea of having more holidays.

Polling stations across Jesmond and around the country open at 7am tomorrow, and close at 10pm.

This story was first posted on JesmondLocal’s Snapchat. To view the full Snapchat story as it happened, watch the video below: