Waitrose opens doors promising competitive prices

Jesmond’s second supermarket, built on the former Osborne Garage site, opened its doors for the first time this morning (2nd November) – and handed the first 50 shoppers through the door a free “breakfast goodie bag”.

JesmondLocal chief reporter Sophie Bauckham met store manager Rob Brewis ahead of the opening. Watch this video to find out more about Waitrose’s pricing plans and community values.

Brewis says he believes the new Waitrose store will have a positive impact on retail in Jesmond and will increase competitiveness in the area. “Other supermarkets have a two-tier pricing structure, where goods in smaller stores are more expensive than the bigger stores. That’s not going to happen in this Jesmond store. So I am pretty excited about our competitiveness in this area.

“We match Tesco on 1,000 products, and we match the supermarket price – we don’t match Tesco (on Acorn Road), so potentially we may be even cheaper, on some of their products. We often battle with the perception that we’re an expensive supermarket.

“Since we have arrived, a lot of the other retailers [in Jesmond] have had a refit in their stores as well, so hopefully this will be good for everyone, and raise the amount of choice and quality in Jesmond.”

Waitrose, which distributes £500 to three local causes each month through a “Community Matters” scheme are “very much about community”, says Brewis. “We like getting involved with the community, not just coming in here and steam-rolling over everyone. We want to be part of what is happeneing in Jesmond.”

Waitrose has taken on one assistant manager, four team managers and 65 partners (staff) to run the new 8,500sq ft store alongside Brewis. Close to 1,000 people applied for the 70 jobs available. Applications came from a wide variety of people, many of whom had been laid-off in other sectors or who had been out of work for a significant amount of time.


7 thoughts on “Waitrose opens doors promising competitive prices”

  1. Jane says:

    Wow! Been along first thing this morning to check it out.

    I well remember 25 years ago when we only had one supermarket (William Low) but had lots of different shops – butchers, green grocers, bakers, health food shops and many more. I could buy everything I needed without having to leave Jesmond.

    Recently we’ve had the situation of just one supermarket and virtually no other food shops – not good news especially when the supermarket wasn’t geared up to listening to what Jesmond locals really wanted to buy rather than fitting into the ‘one size fits all’ Metro store stocking.

    I was anticipating that the new Waitrose might be a useful ‘top up’ shop – how wrong I was! It’s pretty much the complete package for me.

    I was amazed at the range of products they’d managed to fit into the store and how much it felt like the inside of a tardis. I’m delighted that I’m going to be able to get virtually all of my shopping in Jesmond again – looking forward to more leisurely shopping experiences on foot and much less need to go into the city centre or get the car out to drive to a supermarket.

  2. Nh says:

    Its been a long time coming. If todays crowds are anything to go by, the store will be a huge success. Furthermore we will no longer have to make do with the established alternative that seemed to have difficulty in listening to customers as well as an ability to offer a “service”.

  3. Adam says:

    Arent the ‘locals’ of jesmond, students? Surely teaco caters more for us with beer offers. Cheapest waitrose chicken is 6pound, looks nice but ill be remaining with Tesco where ive never witnessed the supposed problems with aevice and always found them extremely helpful, in a very difficult and busy enviroment

  4. Darren Lough says:

    Im a reporter with the icnewcastle doing a piece on the rIvalry. Having reviewed the waitrose managers interview the suggestion that Tesco jesmond have higher prices than other tescos is incorrect. Tesco prices are standard across all stores. The fact that is commonly misconstrued is that Tesco jesmond is on of the most expensive per square metre due to the nature of te customers it attracts and its small size. However all producta are priced exactly the same as other stores, and the suggestion from te waitrose manager seems unprofessional having obviously been made aware of this false rumour.

  5. Christian Robinson says:


    Tesco do have a two tier pricing structure, Express stores are branded differently and so legally can charge different prices. This is because the cost of running smaller stores is higher than running standard size shops. Waitrose must have taken the decision to keep prices the same as in its core estate. It too does have a different pricing structure in place in its Little Waitrose subrand, there is nothing wrong with that, nor is there with Tesco charging different prices. Seems like a purely commercial decision to me.

    Good luck to them, people themselves will be the judges

  6. Gus says:

    Waitrose is a great addition to Jesmond and genuinely amazed by the range they have fitted into the store. If they can maintain availability it will be a miracle but well done on an well deigned store with a fantastic range.

  7. Shane Lumsden says:

    I would like to re-itterate what Darren has said on a previous post about the pricing of Tesco. I have worked all over the country and shopped at all sizes of Tesco, extra/superstore/metro and express and the only price difference is in the small petrol station express stores all others are exactly the same. The Tesco on acorn road has always had the inpression of being the most expensive store in the UK but this is far from the case and is significantly cheaper than Waitrose and other supermarkets. The competition is a great thing for Jesmond and all the residents. I think the Waitrose store manager should of done his homework before his interview as it had painted the Tesco store in a bad light and his comments about price are incorrect about the Metro store.

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