New pilates classes come to Jesmond

Personal trainer Ami Collins will be leading pilates classes at the Holy Name Church every Wednesday at 6pm.

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Ami Collins, My Personal Trainer

Ami will also be teaching pilates in Gosforth on Tuesdays at 10am.

The classes are designed for both men and women of every level, from beginner to advanced, so that everyone can join. Ami says: “The idea is that everyone feels comfortable doing it and moves together at the same time.”

The classes will be aimed at full-body toning, “with emphasis on those areas we care most about – the thighs, the bum, the waist,” says Ami.

Pilates is a full-body workout that helps with strength conditioning, posture, alignment, conditioning, stress release, and concentration.

Ami currently offers exercise classes in various healthclubs around Newcastle, as well as personal training in her studio in Gosforth. This is all part of her business, My Personal Trainer.

After working in sales for several years, Ami decided to change direction and start her own fitness training business in January 2011. “I really enjoy being able to provide people with a service that’s good for them. When you work in sales, you offer people things for their money, but it’s not necessarily the best thing for them. It’s a really lovely way of life.”

“Every exercise has to be individualized. That’s what makes you really throw your heart and soul into it. You become really close to your clients.

Ami says: “People in Jesmond are aware of the benefits of exercising. They want to make their lives more enriched and healthy.”

Ami shares her top five recommendations on staying fit.

  1. Set yourself a specific time to exercise.
  2. Exercise with a buddy to stay motivated.
  3. Find the right exercise type for you.
  4. Break up your exercise into segments to avoid over-doing it in one go.
  5. Build up your exercise difficulty gradually.

You can listen to her advice here:

Each one-hour class costs £6. Class size will be capped at 18 members.

To book a class, call Ami on 07968073337 or email