Christmas comes to schools in Jesmond

Schools in Jesmond have seen a flurry of festive activity in the run-up to Christmas.

Church High choir performs at star-studded cathedral carol concert_2

Church High at St. Nicolas’ Cathedral

Church High Seniors kicked off the celebrations by performing in the candlelit Christmas concert at St. Nicolas’ church in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

They were the only school choir to perform amongst various celebrities including  Tim Healy, Charlie Hardwick, tenor Ian Storey and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner, Jai McDowall. The concert raised thousands of pounds for the charity.

Many of the schools held their own traditional carol service in St George’s Church, Jesmond, last week. Church High Seniors  held theirs on Monday, followed by RGS Seniors on Tuesday and Central High School Seniors on Friday morning.

A choir from West Jesmond Primary School meanwhile performed in front of Waitrose on Osborne Road.


Year 5 pupils at RGS Juniors have been sharing the festive cheer with the elderly by singing carols in Pilgrims Court, whilst Church High Juniors have raised £275.77 for Children North East by singing in Eldon Square.

The annual Christmas cake competition at Church High Seniors saw festive cakes in the shape of reindeer, presents, snowmen and calendars.

Year 9 pupils were asked to bake a cake in a traditional or novelty style. This year’s winners were Amy Cook in the Novelty category for her gingerbread house and Madeleine Patterson in the traditional category with a Nativity. For more pictures of the cakes click here


Year 7 and 8 pantomime at RGS Juniors

And have we forgotten the pantos? On no we haven’t. Teachers at RGS Juniors and Church High Seniors put on their own pantomimes, bravely giving their pupils free reign to cheer and boo at them. Years 7 and 8 at RGS also put on a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Local junior schools have put on nativity plays, along with a number of Christmas dinners, parties and trips.

Most schools have now broken up for Christmas but still to come is a Christingle Service organised for West Jesmond Primary school by the local parish. The service will be held on Tuesday 18th December at St Hilda’s Church at 4pm.