Spate of Jesmond antisocial incidents ends in car fires


A number of antisocial events have taken place this week in Jesmond ahead of Bonfire night this weekend.

On November 2nd, between 11:15pm and 2:15am, Northumbria Police received three reports of fires inside cars parked in the Stratford Grove Terrace located on Deuchar Street and Warwick Street. Police confirmed that the fires were started after fireworks were let off inside the vehicles.

The fires were extinguished by local authorities but the cars were left seriously damaged.

“We think that the three incidents are linked and that the same person or group of people were involved for all three [incidents], said Neighborhood Inspector Steve Byrne. “It is completely reckless and mindless behavior that has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage and we are treating the incidents very seriously.”

On the same evening at 9:30pm a JesmondLocal reporter saw Cavendish Place covered in overturned rubbish bins, pictured above. Wednesday evening is known in Newcastle as “sports night”, when university sports teams go drinking.

Earlier this week a car on Sanderson Road was wrapped in aluminum foil, apparently as a student prank.

North Jesmond councillor Dan Perry told JesmondLocal earlier this week that antisocial behaviour this year was the “worst ever”.

Police are investigating the fire incidents and officers are urging residents in Jesmond to lock their cars overnight and remove anything valuable.

If community members see anyone acting suspiciously near cars or attempting to open car doors, they should immediately report the behavior to the police.

Anyone with any information on the fire incidents is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference number 1185 03/11/16.

5 thoughts on “Spate of Jesmond antisocial incidents ends in car fires”

  1. A says:

    Shocking. Just four weeks ago seven cars from the building I live in were broken into in Jesmond too. It seems to be getting a lot worse this year!

  2. Al says:

    I think the vice chancellors from the universities and our local councillors need to organise an emergency meeting with Jesmond residents to explain exactly what action is going to be taken to stop these incidents.

    As a resident, I can report that has been a change in Jesmond since September. These incidents are shocking, but there are many more smaller, but still disruptive incidents.

    Personally I would favour having a monthly board meeting between councillors and the university in which all residents complaints are discussed. The terms and conditions of the university should set out fines which can be levied (and potentially even suspensions) for gross anti-social behaviour.

  3. Francis says:

    There’s been a spike of incidents in recent weeks.

    The residents are sick of the parties at 1am and litter as well as these high profile incidents. Time to get the university to tell residents how they will sort this.

  4. Sandie says:

    There is more than one University in Newcastle . Need to be sure that complaints and discussions about solutions involve both of them.

  5. Paul says:

    Yet they say we should live ‘as one’ with the students. How do you live as one with animals who behave in such a despicable manner? I imagine the parents who are footing the bill for these students would be utterly horrified to learn their children were acting so disgracefully. They proclaim so loudly that they are adults and want to be treated as such. Why on earth are they not being brought to account for their behaviour and arrested and charged suitably?! This goes well beyond simply drunk and disorderly. This is deliberate and calculated criminal damage, intimidation and disruptive behaviour.
    I was a student once. I understand what is involved and the way young adults think. Of course they want to get drunk and have fun. I have no problem with that. But I don’t understand where the aggression, the destructive tendencies and lack of respect have come from or how there seems to be no measurable challenge to it.

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