Glenn Armstrong retires from Jesmond Pool after more than 25 years


Glen Armstrong

Glenn Armstrong is retiring from his role managing Jesmond Pool on November 30th after 26 years.

Besides keeping busy at home, he plans to remain involved with the pool when he can and maintain his gymnastics coaching.

Although Armstrong will be stepping back from day-to-day running of the pool, he does plan to maintain his involvement with other pools in the region such as Fenham and Elswick Pool as well as his role in the Association of Newcastle Independent Sites, which helps independent leisure facilities in the region.

“The pools have changed dramatically,” Armstrong recalled. “I think [Jesmond] pool was worth physically nothing in 1992 when we took it over but it’s now worth upwards of £4 million.”

Jesmond Pool was closed in 1991 by the council and was re-opened in 1992 by the community. Over the years the venue has received significant investment, including a £50,000 grant from the Foundation of Sport and the Arts, and lottery funding in 2005 which led to a major refurbishment.

Armstrong is confident for the future of the pool, having faith in the team he is leaving behind and believes the business is in a good position to develop further. “It’s been an interesting 26 years and I look forward to the next 26 years at Jesmond Pool.

“Jesmond itself I don’t think has changed that much,” he added. “I’ve been coming here since I was 14 or 15… I think it has modernised slightly, but not too much.”

The pool is asking for people to join them on November 30th to celebrate his retirement where there will be food and drink. 

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    Good luck for the future Glenn
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