Proposed pub opening prompts child safety concerns

Plans to open Jesmond’s first micro-pub on Brentwood Avenue has caused concerns among a number of residents.

An application was submitted in September to convert the Iglouu frozen yoghurt shop, which opened in October 2014, in to a micro-pub specialising in craft beers.

The conversion, proposed by Jack Woodruff of Woodruff Brewing Ltd, will see the local frozen yoghurt and smoothie shop renovated in to a casual bar with outside seating facilities, open from 11am-11pm.

The plans have prompted a number of responses from concerned locals, voicing their concerns over the proximity of the pub to West Jesmond Primary School and the opening times that will overlap with the time that young children will be leaving school.

In a letter to Newcastle Council’s licensing department, Jesmond Residents’ Association suggested the new pub that would serve to further exacerbate the issues of drunken behaviour and public nuisance already reported in Jesmond this year.

“Residents are very worried about the health and safety of young children… and have highlighted that alcohol fueled anti-social behaviour is a problem in Jesmond.  Jesmond already has a special police patrol to challenge anti-social behaviour,” they wrote in their objection to the planning application.

These concerns have been echoed by two Jesmond councillors, including Dan Perry.

Last week Perry described the plan to sell alcohol so close to a school as potentially a “significant risk to child safety” due to drunken behaviour, but also worried it risked giving children undue exposure to cigarette smoke in the pub’s outside area, as well as the poor impression it gave to children at such a young age.

JesmondLocal is seeking to reach Jack Woodruff of Woodruff Brewing for a comment.